Hungarian Language School for Adults

Please Note: All classes are conducted online until further notice

Hungarian language: no one else can possibly understand it, or even learn it. If someone does none the less, Hungarians consider it a miracle. So come and join to our school and be part of the experience of a lifetime.

The Bethlen Gábor Hungarian Language School fosters the learning of the Hungarian language. We promote an understanding and preservation of the Hungarian language, heritage and culture through language courses taught in an educational setting for the benefit of students residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 


We offer progressively structured language courses for  adult learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Description of the program:

The goal of our Hungarian language courses is to establish basic language competency and an understanding of Hungarian history and culture in a relaxed, friendly and fun-filled environment. Language proficiency is best developed in meaningful contexts of activities and tasks in which the language is used. The language courses focus on basic grammar, vocabulary expansion, and conversation.

Please note: This is NOT an accredited program. Academic credit will not be granted upon completion of these courses.

Donations help keep the prices low for everyone.

Where are we?

Calvin Hungarian Presbyterian Church
101-14th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact information:

Eva Bezdek, Hungarian language instructor

I was a student of Eva’s for the past 1.5 years and I only left because I moved out of province.


Eva’s teaching style focused on integration of language with Hungarian culture and history. What does this mean? We spent class time learning new words in context and usage. Memorizing the alphabet and repetitive vocabulary is easy and so you should expect to do it on your own. Homework exists, but is minimal. You’ll find that if you are active in class that you’ll be learning new words from context and situation – and thus don’t require strict memorization outside of class.


Plan to be in a small and personable class of people excited to learn Hungarian. Some learn to speak with their families, some to their spouse/partner, some are even looking to get their HU citizenship and possibly move there.


Finally, Eva get the class involved with the larger Calgary Hungarian community. Another great way to be encouraged to learn the language.


I’d encourage anyone reading this, wishing to learn Hungarian, to sign up for Eva’s class! Should I ever find myself back in Calgary, I’ll be sure to take part again.


Thank you Eva for the amazing instruction over the past year and a half!.