Welcome to the Bethlen Gábor Hungarian Language School

Providing professional Hungarian language education to children and adults of

Hungarian descent living in Calgary and area.

Of course, the school welcomes those who are not of Hungarian origin and want to learn Hungarian.

Donations help keep the prices low for everyone.

Here is what some students are saying:

I decided to study Hungarian so that I may learn more about my ethnic background, be able to speak with family and friends, talk with local people in Hungary when I travel there, and gain a better cultural understanding of this great nation.


I learn Hungarian because my wife is Hungarian and she loves to communicate in Hungarian. Also, understanding the language helps to communicate with her family and friends when they are visiting or when we visit Hungary. Köszönöm

Why I have decided to improve my language skills in Hungarian is a combination of a few different reasons. Firstly, I am very active in the Hungarian community and have many friends within the community. My best friends are Hungarian, my worst enemies are also Hungarian. The Hungarian community has many different factions and I am associated in those micro communities in a variety of ways. 


I was made aware of the Bethlen Historical Society at the Calvin Hungarian Presbyterian Church while searching the internet for Hungarian language classes. I enrolled (at a very affordable cost) and have been attending since September 2019. The instructor is Eva Bezdek; she is very knowledgeable about the history of Hungary and very passionate about the culture and the language, which makes the class extremely interesting and enjoyable.


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